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Senior Pastor
Community Resource Pastor
Youth and Children's Pastors

Pastor Bryan Thompson has been serving Roscommon County for since 1989. He has not only been the leader of HLWC but is also involved in the community by ways of being the HLHS Football Announcer. He also is involved in the MI State Police as a chaplain. His heart is big for the Lord and desires everyone to come into relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Along with Pastor Bryan he has had his wife stand next to him in all these ministries. She is heavily involved in the community not just by her drug prevention job, but by the opening of Artesia Youth Park in 2007. She has also opened a homeless shelter called Oasis of Hope in 2022 for Roscommon County. She was ordained in the Wesleyan Church in 2009. The Lord continues to use her in many ways and she desires people in Roscommon county to come not only in a relationship with Jesus but to experience the freedom the gospel gives to people for free.  

Pastor Andrew Thompson has been the Youth Pastor at HLWC since 2009. He graduated from Bethany Bible College (Kingswood University) in the winter of 2008 with a Pastoral Major and was ordained in The Wesleyan Church in 2010 . Besides keeping up with the youth, he also leads worship on Sunday Morning Services. He also makes and forms deep relationships with young men and each realtionship is grown through the delight of holding eachother accoutnable against sin .He has a heart for the lost. Not just for the teenagers but for all people who are lost and need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Charity Thompson has been the Children's Pastor at HLWC since 2009. She graduated Bethany Bible College (Kingswood University) with a BA of Religion in 2009 and was ordained in 2010 by The Wesleyan Church. She is passionate about children and Jesus. She has a deep desire to see children not only accept Christ into their life but to continue their relationship with Jesus into their adulthood. She co-leads youth and worship with her husband.  Andrew and Charity have 4 children (left to right): Micah (2009), Karis (2012), Titus (2013), and Avery (2009).

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